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The first product to come of the relationship was a licensed chil-drens book whose title is Big Chill. Their first mixed tape was a 12-track project. It was named Maximum Jazz because it was the most pop-oriented project they had released thus far and would represent a steep stylistic and musical departure. The first single, "Brainwash", was released in September 2012 at McDowell Music Hall. "Morris Cardenas Music" was their next single. After that they had limited time to work on another project. The next release was a 10 track project called When We Get To Brooklyn. It was a selection of songs with their original lyrics, produced and arranged by Prosthetik Intelligentz. The album artwork was by Nathan Askins, a Raleigh based artist.

Overture Music Visualization Download 2gb Raml

Big Chill is a childrens book featuring a robot named Big Chill that helps a little girl get over her fears. In the book, the robot is a robot that doesn't have a lot of other things, so instead of playing with big kids, he plays with the little girl. Big Chill was released as a full-color book on, and it is available for purchase in Barnes & Nobles, where it is ranked as one of the top-selling children's books of the year. Next, Prosthetik, Mr. Kresky and Morris created a music video that served as a statement on the state of affairs in the news. The website, was an expression of free expression being robbed of its beauty and destroyed through constant onslaught of violent and mindless news programs. Behind the scenes of the music video was a man dressed up as a zombie who received a violent awakening after someone stole a portrait from his family's portrait.


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