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Free Download Cable Tv Broadcast Automation Software ^NEW^

rocket broadcaster can record every unique audio input in your place, even when those audio streams overlap in time. with all that capability, the encoder won't even make any sacrifice in sound quality. over 1680 unique audio inputs are possible. the encoder automatically determines the optimal mix of streams that can be recorded simultaneously, and provides you the capability to optionally pause and crossfade streams as needed.

Free Download Cable Tv Broadcast Automation Software

all media players can be encoded via rocket broadcaster, so you can include any media player, as an alternative of just supporting its included player. media players incorporate windows media player, winamp, media player classic, smplayer, realplayer and fo the ipod. rocket broadcaster also incorporates the handlebars plug-in to let you insert customized buttons and graphic overlays in the web site audio stream.

sink online radio stations on your pc without a traditional streaming server. streamer is a windows software which permits you to set up and stream broadcasts on your personal pc. crossovers even allow you to edit in the sources at the same time. it are supported by streaming servers such as icecast, m3u, msn radio, shoutcast, rapidshare and others. streamer is not a server in its own right, however can be a superb back-end for other streaming servers that aren't supported properly by your pc.

for those seeking ultimate flexibility and control over their media platforms, we offer a complete suite of products to fulfill all your needs. clients can use the top of the line media consumer and authoring products from adobe creative suite to output their final product on the broadcast outlet of their choice. by providing creative tools to professionals, we provide greater value for the end product and clearly communicate the quality and power of the in-house media production. we use v6.2.3 to manage a 100tb storage pool to archive all customers media assets. any media or data could also be securely stored onsite through our dmz server for high availability.


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