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The LDAP server is installed when ZCS is installed. Eachserver has its own LDAP entry that includes attributes specifying operatingparameters. In addition, a global configuration object sets defaults forany server whose entry does not specify every attribute.

Global Mapper 14.0.rar


LDAP directories are arranged in an hierarchal tree-like structure with twotypes of branches, the mail branches and the config branch. Mail branchesare organized by domain. Entries belong to a domain, such as accounts,groups, aliases, are provisioned under the domain DN in the directory. Theconfig branch contains admin system entries that are not part of a domain.Config branch entries include system admin accounts, global config, globalgrants, COS, servers, mime types, and Zimlets.

An LDAP directory entry consists of a collection of attributes and has aglobally unique distinguished name (dn). The attributes allowed for anentry are determined by the object classes associated with that entry.The values of the object class attributes determine the schema rules theentry must follow.

Specifies default values for the following objects: server and domain. Ifthe attributes are not set for other objects, the values are inherited fromthe global settings. Global configuration values are required and are setduring installation as part of the Zimbra core package. These become thedefault values for the system.

When you modify global config attributes, the changes are effectiveimmediately on the server to which the modification is done. On othermailbox servers, you must flush the cache to make the changes available orrestart the server. LDAP entries for global config attributes do notexpire.

Some global config attributes are computed into internal representationsonly once per server restart. For efficiency reasons, changes to thoseattributes are not effective until after a server restart, even after thecache is flushed. Also, some global configuration settings and serversettings that are inherited from global config are only read once at serverstartup, for example port or number of processing threads. Modifying thesetypes of attributes requires a server restart.

Setting Up Trusted Networks: The ZCS configuration allowsrelaying only for the local network, but you can configure trusted networksthat are allowed to relay mail. You set the MTA trusted networks as aglobal setting, but you can configure trusted networks as a serversetting. The server setting overrides the global setting.

Enabling a Milter Server: Milter server can be enabled to enforcerestrictions on which addresses can send to distribution lists and addReply-To and X-Zimbra-DL headers to messages sent from distributionlists. This can be enabled globally or for specific servers from theAdministration Console.

Global Administrators have full privileges to manage servers,global settings, domains, and accounts as well as create otheradministrators. One global administrator account is created when thesoftware is installed. Additional global administrator accounts can becreated. You can perform administration tasks from the AdministrationConsole or the command line.

Delegated Administrators are granted customized administrator rolesby the global administrator to manage different tasks from theAdministration Console.See also Delegated Administration for more details.

The Configure screen provides the Configure navigation pane and theConfigure pages, which enable configurations for individual and/orglobal components.

Global Settings define the default global values for servers, accounts,COS, and domains. These default values and parameters apply if thevalues and parameters have not been explicitly defined in settingsconfigures elsewhere.

Set up a retention and deletion time threshold for items in user folders.Retention and deletion policies can be configured as a global setting oryour can configure COS-level policies instead of inheriting from the globalsettings.

Configurations set in Global Settings define inherited default valuesfor the following objects: server, account, COS, and domain. If theseattributes are set in the server, the server settings override theglobal settings.

Global email attachment settings allow you to specify global rules forhandling attachments to an email message. You can also set rules by COS andfor individual accounts. When attachment settings are configured in GlobalSettings, the global rule takes precedence over COS and Account settings.

Authentication types enabled for the server, setting a Web mail MTAhost-name different from global. Setting relay MTA for external delivery,and enabling DNS lookup if required. Enable the Milter Server and set thebind address.

Servers inherit global settings if those values are not set in the serverconfiguration. Settings that can be inherited from the Global configurationinclude MTA, SMTP, IMAP, POP, anti-virus, and anti-spam configurations.

When you use a third-party application to filter messages for spam beforemessages are received by ZCS, the ZCS global rule is to send all messagesthat are marked by the third-party as spam to the junk folder. Thisincludes messages that are identified as spam and also identified aswhitelisted.

Add the o and ou values that are configured in the legacyExchangeDNattribute for Exchange on the Global Config Free/Busy Interop page, theDomain Free/Busy Interop page or on the Class of Service (COS) Advancedpage. Set at the global level this applies to all accounts talking toExchange.

The default global HSM policy moves messages and document files more than30 days old to the secondary volume. You can also select to move tasks,appointments, and contacts. The schedule for moving can be set for itemsolder than a specified number of days, months, weeks, hours, minutes.

HSM jobs can be configured to be a specific batch size. ThezimbraHsmBatchSize attribute can be configured either as a global settingor per server to specify the maximum number of items to move during asingle HSM operation. The default value is 10000. If the limit is exceededthe HSM operation is repeated until all qualifying items are moved.

Retention and deletion policies can be configured as a global setting oras a COS setting. Users can select these policies to apply to theirmessage folders in their account. They can also set up their ownretention and deletion policies. Users enable a policy you set up orcreate their own policies from their folders' Edit Properties dialogbox.

If your ZWC authentication is configured as external auth, you canconfigure Zimbra Collaboration to direct users to your password changepage when users change their passwords. You can either set this URL asa global setting or a per domain setting.

The following attributes are used with zmprov to configure the DoSFilter.These attributes can be configured as global settings and as serversettings. If these attributes are set in the server, the server settingsoverride the global settings.

By default, mailboxd is configured to log its output to/opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log. You can enable mailboxd to take advantageof a centralized syslogd infrastructure by enabling the following eitherglobally or by server:

The zmrestoreldap command restores the global LDAP data including COS,distribution lists, etc. You can restore the complete LDAP server, whichrecreates the entire schema or you can restore specific accounts. Youspecify the session to restore. The restore command has to be run on theLDAP server being restored.

Before you begin, make sure that the new server is correctly configuredwith the IP address and hostname and that Zimbra Collaboration isinstalled and configured with the same domain, hostname, passwords, the previous server. See the Zimbra Collaboration installation guidefor more information about preparing the server. Before you begin toinstall Zimbra Collaboration, note the information you need from the oldserver including: admin account name and password, LDAP, Amavis, andPostfix passwords, spam training and non-spam training user accountnames, exact domain name, and the global document account name.

To change the Zimbra Web Client theme base colors and logos, use thezmprov command. The following attributes are configured either as aglobal config setting or as a domain settings. Color values areentered as a six-digit hexadecimal codes.

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