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Togainu No Chi Bloody Curs

Shiki reappears beside Akira, letting the viewer assume that he has defeated Nicole, and reprimands Akira for grieving. Akira attacks Shiki for killing Keisuke, and they clash for a little while. Shiki knocks Akira's knife out of his hand and before he delivers another blow, Rin interfers. Akira pushes him out the way and still tries to attack Shiki after he mocked Akira. Rin again intervenes but Shiki grabs his throat. He throws Rin to the ground and stabs his leg. Akira runs to attack Shiki, wherein Shiki raises his katana to strike Akira, but is again stopped by, surprisingly, Nicole, who is glowing blue. He slashes Shiki across his torso diagonally. Yet Shiki pushes both Nicole and Akira to the ground. He encourages them, and reiterates Nicole's words from the previous fight "Accept this blood and show me how you'll overcome this trial!" This confirms the definite switch between Shiki and Nicole's situations. After those words, an explosion occurs, leaving Akira, Nicole and Rin's eye wide. Whether they were killed in the explosion or not is unconfirmed at this point, yet we see that Nicole rescues them.

Togainu no Chi Bloody Curs



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