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Where To Buy Mega Comfort Insoles

MEGAComfort is an innovative work-life wellness solutions company for the workplace. They provide clinically proven and field-tested footwear accessories including patented ergonomic anti-fatigue insoles and orthotics to proactively combat pain and fatigue, while concurrently increasing wearer comfort and productivity.

where to buy mega comfort insoles

Over the last 20 years, MEGAComfort has established itself as an international leader in providing ergonomic anti-fatigue insoles in the Occupational Health and Safety Market. Their patented dual layer 100% memory foam insoles were designed by Doctor of Pediatric Medicine, Kevan Orvitz. MEGAComfort was founded with one single mission; to provide employees in the workplace with clinically proven, field-tested insoles that increase comfort alongside employee engagement, health, wellness and safety. Throughout the last two decades, MEGAComfort has become the go-to ergonomic solution across multiple industries including warehouse/logistics, automotive manufacturing, food processing, and construction, to name a few.

Headquartered in Concord, Ontario, Canada with its US office in Tustin, California, MEGAComfort Inc is an innovative worklife wellness solutions company, providing ergonomic anti-fatigue insoles & orthotics for workers across all industries. For more information please visit:

Impacto Anti-Fatigue Memory Foam Shoe Inserts are designed to provide outstanding comfort, impact absorption and support. Ideal for safety footwear, boots and running shoes, these insoles help reduce fatigue when standing on hard surfaces for long periods and superior impact protection when walking or running.

Impacto Anti-Fatigue AirSol Antimicrobial Molded Foam Shoe Inserts are designed to provide outstanding comfort, impact absorption, support and odor control. Ideal for safety footwear. rubber boots and running shoes, these insoles provide superior impact and shock absorption and relief from fatigue for long term walking or standing.

Featuring superior design, extraordinary comfort and thoughtful durability, the new RS02 Sneaker and City Slip On Sneaker showcase what we do best. Sophisticated streamlined style, wider fits that work for every foot, half sizes available in a unisex size range, cushioned insoles and our signature soft and flexible knit upper. 041b061a72


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