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New Alcatraz Torrent

My default gateway is fine for everything except torrent traffic. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get transmission to work over the tunnel that I have working perfectly on the router already.

New Alcatraz torrent

Personally, I have set a TOR relay, with a TOR proxy, and use it when needed to surf or to download torrents...Just have to set the proxy IP and Port on clients applications (browser of torrent downloader) !

Yeah I got the tunnel and transmission on the router. I'm using the tunnel every day as I need it to access a certain IP from all my clients behind the router. The tunnel is not set as the default gateway. For transmission I'd like it to be the default gateway. Transmission does not have proxy opions anymore, but frankly, even if it did, it doesn't work with UDP trackers and DHT. It would be a severely crippled torrent client.

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