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FULL Tumblr Image Download __FULL__er Freeware

dhIMG tumblr is my favorite Tumblr image downloader software for Windows 10. I really like its three steps process to grab all photos from a Tumblr account. You simply need to enter the Tumblr username and then select the number of photos (500, 200, 750, 450, etc.) that you want to grab. When you have done that, you can select the destination folder and then start the download process. You receive a message when photo download process is finished.

FULL Tumblr Image Downloader Freeware

This is one of my favorite Tumblr image downloader software for Windows 10. This software gives you the choice to download Tumblr photos from all or specified pages of any public blog, which I think is a really good feature. You can set the start and end page and then this software will fetch images. Before downloading the images, you can also filter the images by selecting the size of photos (available presets are 1280, 400, 750, etc.) for download.

TumblOne is also a very interesting and useful Tumblr image downloader software for Windows 10. The unique feature provided by this software is that you can add multiple Tumblr blogs on its interface to grab the photos. Apart from downloading the photos, you can also get animated GIF files, which make this software more useful.

RipMe can be used to download images in bulk from all major image-hosting websites. Among others, these include Imgur (most importantly), Reddit (yes, you can download pictures of a full sub-Reddit), Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, etc. A complete list can be found here.

Just letting others know of another free bulk downloader tool for linux called WFDownloader App. It can bulk download not just images but other file types. Supports many popular sites like pinterest, flickr, imgur, etc. It even has a inbuilt crawler that can be used to download from any website. You can also request for any site to be supported.

Here is a list of the best free Bulk Image Downloader Software For Windows. These freeware let you download more than one image at a time from a number of sites like Flickr, Google, Picasa, Imgur, Tumblr, and many more. Some of these freeware let you download images from the websites you desire. These are quite easy to use where you just have to enter the link address and then based on your settings the images are downloaded. In some freeware you have to enter the search term, while in others you have to enter the User ID of the person from whose account you want to download the images.

BioniX Wallpaper Changer is a simple and feature rich wallpaper changer freeware which can also be used to download bulk images from the internet. You can download images from Flickr using Flickr Mass Downloader, or download images from the website provided by you in the get wallpapers tab. In the Flickr Mass Downloader, just enter your search term, personalize your search options, set resolution options, and finally download the images. In the Automatic Image Downloader just enter the link from which you want to download the images and then set the option of download folder, set counters, link settings, and filter settings. This freeware can also be used to personalize the wallpaper, and change its settings.

NeoDownloader Lite is a simple and easy to use freeware which can be used to download multiple images at a time. Enter the download link, after adding a new project, select the option to download from single gallery, multiple galleries, all pictures from entire website, from TGP site, or single page only. In the project settings you can set the project title, destination folder, starting address, scan depth, setup external and internal links, scan and download linked pages from other websites, ignore keywords, ignore downloaded files, and auto delete downloaded files settings, and set any custom parser. The Lite version can be used to download only JPEG files.

Amor Photo Downloader is a simple application to download multiple images from the website at a time. In the unregistered version it lets you download at most 50 images at a time. In order to download images from a website you have to add the URL, choose the option to download from either the specified web page only, from all pages under sub folder, or all the pages at the website. The option to search the pictures outside the website, and download exclusion sizes can also be set. This freeware can be used to view images, and set the images as a wallpaper.

Adsen Image Grab is a simple and easy to use freeware which can be used to download images from any website at a time. Enter the website URL to retrieve the images, browse for the folder where you want to save your images. On clicking the load site button, the website is displayed. Then you can also choose the option to list the available images, which can be either grab images shown on the website or the images linked to from the website. You can then select the images and then finally download the images.

YAWD is a simple freeware that lets you download several images with a single click from a number of websites like Bing, GoodFon, InterfaceLIFT, Randomizer, reWalls, SkinsBe, and wallBase. You have to just click the update button to download the images. The freeware can also be used to set wallpaper on its own and automate the process. You can set the option to set the screen resolution, set sites, set picture position, wallpaper settings, and auto update image options. This freeware can also be used to change screen saver and skins.

My Daily Wallpaper is a simple software which is used to change a new random wallpaper everyday. It can also be used as an image downloader to download a number of images at a time. You can select the option to download wallpapers from a number of categories. You can also set the time frequency to download new images. If required you can also browse for the wallpapers and choose to download it. You can also view the image and set the image as wallpaper.

Endless Slideshow Screensaver is a simple freeware which downloads the images of different genres, like 3D, aircraft, animals, anime, art, cars, and many more. You can select the genres that you want to display. Based on the selection, images are download and stored locally. It can be used to set the screensaver with a number of effects to choose from.

Image downloader is a simple tool to download images from a website. Here you have to enter the URL, and click on the download button. The download progress is displayed from where you can also open the download folder. The same can also be done by dropping a hyperlink on the freeware.

Google Image Downloader is a simple freeware to download images from Google. Just enter the search term, select the option to set the color, types, safe settings, sizes, and rights options. You can also set the number of images to be downloaded. Based on your choices the images are downloaded.

Daanav Image Downloader is a simple freeware to download multiple images from the web. Enter the URL from which the images are to be downloaded, and set the location where the image is to be downloaded. On clicking the Download Images button, the images are downloaded in the specified folder.

dhIMG tumblr is another simple tool to download Tumblr images. Input the Tumblr username, set the maximum images to download, select the option where to save them, and click on the run button. Then finally the images are saved as per your settings.

The collection of features is also pretty vast. For a seamless experience skimming through content, Chale supports infinite scroll. Awesome quick view, social media integration, custom logo and background images, full creative control and an about section are all the goodies Chale brings to the table. Make it yours with just a click and take things to new heights.


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