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Megaman X4 Trainer

Megaman X4 Trainer: How to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Megaman X4 is a classic action-platformer game that was released in 1997 for the PlayStation and PC. It is the fourth installment in the Megaman X series, which follows the adventures of X and Zero, two androids who fight against the evil forces of Sigma and his Mavericks. The game features eight stages, each with a different boss, and multiple endings depending on the character you choose and the actions you take.

megaman x4 trainer

While Megaman X4 is a fun and challenging game, some players may want to modify it to suit their preferences or to overcome some difficulties. For example, some players may want to have infinite health, infinite retries, or infinite sub-weapon energy. Others may want to change the game speed, unlock secret characters, or access cheat codes. Fortunately, there are several ways to do this using trainers, hacks, or mods.

What are trainers, hacks, and mods?

Trainers are programs that run alongside the game and allow you to alter certain aspects of it, such as your health, lives, weapons, or abilities. They usually have a user interface that lets you activate or deactivate different options. Hacks are codes that modify the game's data or memory to achieve similar effects. They can be entered using a cheat device, such as a GameShark or a CodeBreaker, or by editing the game's files. Mods are modifications that change the game's graphics, sounds, music, levels, or gameplay. They can be installed by replacing or adding files to the game's directory.

Where can I find trainers, hacks, and mods for Megaman X4?

There are many sources online where you can find trainers, hacks, and mods for Megaman X4. However, you should be careful when downloading or installing them, as some of them may contain viruses or malware that can harm your computer or console. You should also backup your game files before applying any changes, in case something goes wrong or you want to restore the original version. Here are some examples of websites where you can find trainers, hacks, and mods for Megaman X4:

  • [FLiNG Trainer]: This website offers a trainer for the PC version of Megaman X Legacy Collection, which includes Megaman X4. The trainer has nine options that let you enable god mode, infinite health, infinite retries, set game speed, and more. The trainer only works for Megaman X1 to X4 and not for the X Challenge mode.

  • [YouTube]: This video shows how to use cheats and hacks for the PSX and PC versions of Megaman X4. The video demonstrates how to use a PS3 with custom firmware and a PS2 Megaman X Collection disc to access cheat codes using a GameShark device. The video also provides links to download ASM codes that can be used to hack the game using CheatEngine.

  • [Nexus Mods]: This website offers a mod for the PC version of X4: Foundations, a space simulation game that is not related to Megaman X4. However, the mod is called "X4 CHEAT MENU" and it allows you to cheat in various ways in the game. The mod adds a new menu that lets you spawn ships, items, resources, factions, missions, and more.


Megaman X4 is a great game that can be enjoyed by fans of the Megaman franchise and action-platformer games in general. However, if you want to spice up your gaming experience or overcome some challenges, you can use trainers, hacks, or mods to modify the game according to your wishes. Just remember to be careful when downloading or installing them and to backup your game files before making any changes.


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