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Little Big Planet Game Of The Year Edition

Last year the game Little Big Planet was released for the PlayStation 3 and took the world by storm. The game quickly became one of the most beloved titles this generation, and received outstanding reviews. Earlier today posted a re-release of the game titled Little Big Planet: Game of the Year Edition. The Amazon page also showed off the new boxart for the title.

Little Big Planet Game of The Year Edition

The first LittleBigPlanet shows the very first adventures of Sackboy as he explores LittleBigPlanet and saving the inhabitants from the evil clutches of The Collector which later is revealed that he just wanted friends. The PSP version depicts Sackboy following the events of the first game decides to go on a vacation in which he is lost and needs to find his way to the Carnival of Creators. LBP 2 shows Sackboy helping a character by the name of Larry DaVinci to build a group called The Alliance in order to stop The Negativatron from terrorizing Craftworld in which they succeed. Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves shows Sackboy with his new "Move powers" to stop Big T-Rex. LBP PS Vita shows Sackboy uncovering the mysteries of a new planet call "The Carnivalia". LBP Karting shows Sackboy driving a threat known as "The Hoard" from Craftworld because they were stealing the creations. The third LittleBigPlanettakes takes place on a new planet in the LBP universe, Bunkum. After unwittingly releasing three evil Titans, Sackboy and his friends must stop them and the unskilled creator, Newton, from destroying the creative paradise. 041b061a72


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