For Existing Landscapes:

  • Mark all sprinkler heads, wires, or anything else that is buried just beneath your sod.

  • Turn off your sprinklers the night before and leave them off for a couple of days after the curbing has been installed.

  • Remove any existing edging.  Also, if you have existing rock or mulch in your flower beds it should be pulled back 12-16 inches for the best results.

  • If you have it, pull back weed barrier fabric 12-16 inches. 

  • Mow your lawn.

For New Landscapes:

  • Mark sprinkler heads and other underground items that are not easily visible.

  • Rake out and level topsoil.

  • Compact areas where there is concern for settling. 

  • We always say if you are ready to lay sod then you are ready for curbing.


  • For the best results keep pets, kids, and everything away from the curbing for the first 24 hours.  The curbing will be set up after a few hours but it is always best to play it safe.  We charge to come back out and replace stepped in curbing. Your curbing will be fully cured after 2-3 weeks.

  • To help the curbing cure and to dry evenly, keep the sprinklers off for 2-3 days after the curbing has been installed.  

  • Keep yard equipment like mowers and edgers away from the curbing for the first week.  During the first few days the curbing will still be drying and can be more susceptible to chipping, scratching, or cracking if it is hit with tools or equipment.

  • Never drive over the curbing.  Lawn curbing is mixed without large aggregates like rock and gravel that is found in other concrete mixes.  Therefore, it can crack easier under high pressure. 


  • Have a general idea of what you want before we arrive including the areas where you need curbing, the style of the curbing you want, and the color and/or stamp if you want a decorative curb.

  • We have seen thousands of landscapes so if you want another opinion or more ideas on design just ask. 

  • Be sure to show us all the areas you need curbing before we begin the install.  Once we have started the install it can be difficult to change the plan.

  • If you have colored and/or stamped curbing you can apply a sealer every 2-3 years.  Sealer will help to increase color longevity.  It is not necessary to seal regular curbing although you can if you'd like. We recommend Intermountain Concrete Specialties in Orem for the best concrete sealers.


Upon arrival:

  • We will expect someone on site to show us what is desired.

  • We will review the details or site plan for your install.  

  • We will walk the project with you, paint out all the curbing lines and answer any questions or concerns.

  • If we are cutting sod, we only cut a small strip where the curbing will be.  We charge more to cut extra sod.  

  • We don't typically haul away sod we cut.  We will roll it up and place it in your flower beds.  If you would like us to haul away the sod let us know before we come to do your install and we can provide a quote.

  • Once we have prepped the areas for curbing, we will usually go over all the lines with you again to make sure we are still on the same page.

  • We will be professional and respectful of your property.

  • We will install your curbing to the best of our abilities every time.

  • Once the install has been completed we will provide a final invoice and expect payment in full.  


  • Cash - feel free to ask for a cash discount.

  • Check

  • Venmo - If private transaction no fee.  Otherwise we add 3% processing.

  • Credit Card - 3% processing.